Patient Care Technician

Patient Care Tech

Patient Care Technician


The Patient Care Technicians candidate is high in demand because it has been concluded that PCT’s are known to be serviceable in multiple ways and function independently as C.N.A and/or Phlebotomist, and/or Electrocardiogram Technician; and can as well cross-trained as Dialysis Technician such as places like Davita.

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Patient Care Technician 11 is the same course as PCT.  PCT course prepares a student to work in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, dialysis centers, emergency rooms, central laboratory units, and obstetrics and pediatric centers.

Patient Care Technicians provide services such as assisting patients with activities of daily living.  PCT works directly under the supervision of registered nurses to provide care as assigned. A PCT is responsible for the administration of vital signs, intake and output calculations, assistance with patients in restraints, assistance with urinary drainage catheter care.

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