Enrollment Documents

The following enrollment documents are available for students to download. Copies are also available at the school office.


Downloadable Documents

  1. Basic Nurse Assistant Enrollment Agreement Requirements
  2. Phlebotomy Enrollment Agreement Requirements
  3. Patient Care Technician Enrollment Agreement Requirements
  4. EKG Enrollment Agreement Requirements
  5. EHA School Catalogue and Handbook


Required documents for registration

  1. Valid State Identification card
  2. High School Certificate
  3. Other School/College Certificate (if applicable)
  4. Background check authorization agreement
  5. Physical Examination Document

(submitted not later than two weeks before the beginning of the program).



Because of legal and ethical factors impacting nursing and nursing education, additional standards and requirements are placed on the nursing student that may not be typical of other academic majors. Therefore, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age or, if not, have parental permission in writing
  • Have a high school diploma, GED, or successfully pass a Basic Skills Test with a minimum verbal score of 70% and minimum math score of 70%.
  • Have a personal interview.
  • Complete an Application for Admission
  • Submit a signed enrollment agreement.
  • Successfully pass tests in Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, and Basic Math
  • Produce proof of current and negative TB Skin Test and negative Chest X-ray

Submit a criminal background check application*.

*Background checks are required by law through the Illinois Department of Public Health and is the first step towards the certification process. Results of this background check will be sent to you. If the charges are listed “pending” you may continue in the class. If after a more extensive investigation, the results show evidence of one or more of the criminal behaviors which would prohibit employment in the healthcare field, you will be advised in writing of what recourse you may have. Until the conclusion of the extensive investigation and possible hearing, you will not be permitted to take the certification exam.  If you have had a criminal background check within one year of your expected exam date, you must bring a confirming document to the instructor.



In partnership with EBA Financial, the School can provide you with short-term financing plans based on your repayment history as opposed to your credit score.  Approximately 90 percent of applicants get approved.  The Bursar will provide additional information regarding financing options.



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