Excelsior Healthcare Academy offers support for students from the first day of class through graduation. Excelsior Healthcare Academy has School Advisors on staff to help students chart an education plan toward success. Advisors can assist students with setting goals, choosing which program or professional certificate to pursue, creating an education plan, selecting the appropriate classes, connecting with essential support services, planning for transfer to a four year college, and finding extracurricular groups related to a chosen career field.

Excelsior Healthcare Academy provides multiple opportunities for students to receive help with their academic work. The best place to start is by visiting ICARE, where peer and professional tutors are available to offer assistance in a wide range of subjects.
Students can request the assistance of a tutor at the school with a valid EHA Student

Tutoring Services

Taking advantage of tutoring services is quick and easy.

  • Check tutor availability or make an appointment using ICARE. Register or Log into your page at to access ICARE, you’ll see your courses listed and a link to schedule a tutor appointment. You can find drop in tutoring services or make an appointment.
  • Visit your local Tutoring Center. Meet the tutoring staff and make arrangements for tutoring services. For more information visit