Absence and Makeup Policy

Absence and Makeup Policy


At Excelsior Healthcare Academy, we recognize the significance of consistent attendance for academic success. Our Absence and Makeup Policy has been written to provide clear guidelines for students, ensuring a conducive learning environment and fair procedures for addressing absences.

Attendance Expectations

  1. Mandatory Attendance: Attendance is mandatory for all scheduled classes, lectures, labs, and mandatory academic activities. In the healthcare field, no days can be missed due to the critical nature of the curriculum.
  2. Punctuality is Paramount: Students are expected to be punctual for all classes to maintain a focused and respectful learning environment.
  3. Active Participation: Engaging actively in class discussions, group activities, and hands-on training is integral to the healthcare learning experience.

Reporting Absences

  1. Prompt Notification: In the event of an absence, students are required to notify their instructors immediately, preferably before the class begins. This notification should include the reason for the absence.
  2. Designated Communication Channels: Instructors may specify preferred communication methods for reporting absences, such as email or an online portal.

Makeup Policy

  1. Missed Assignments: Students are responsible for obtaining any missed assignments or lecture materials from classmates or utilizing resources provided by the instructor.
  2. Makeup Assessments: In the case of missed assessments, students must contact the instructor promptly to discuss the possibility of makeup. Makeup assessments are subject to the discretion of the instructor, with an emphasis on maintaining fairness and academic integrity.
  3. No Days Can Be Missed: Due to the critical nature of healthcare education, no days can be missed. In case of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances, students must work out a makeup plan with the teacher.
  4. Teacher’s Authority for Makeup: The teacher has the authority to grant makeup days based on their judgment. The decision is influenced by the student’s class performance before the incident that led to the absence.
  5. Academic Standing Requirement: Students not in good academic standing and those with poor attendance records may not be considered for makeup options.


  1. Documented Emergencies: Students with documented emergencies or unforeseen circumstances must promptly communicate with instructors to explore makeup possibilities.
  2. Proactive Communication: In cases of extended absences, students are encouraged to communicate with instructors proactively to discuss potential accommodations or makeup arrangements.


Adherence to the Excelsior Healthcare Academy Absence and Makeup Policy is crucial for maintaining the integrity of our healthcare education. The policy ensures a fair and consistent approach while emphasizing accountability and responsibility among our student body.



If you have any questions about the policy above, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the school administrator.
Updated 12/22/2023.

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