Phone Etiquette

Phone Etiquette

Lately more and more business transactions are done over the phone, and phone interviews are a pretty common procedure. So know the proper protocol:

Making Calls 

Be mentally prepared to make a call before you dial. Know with whom you want to speak and what you want to say or ask.

Always introduce yourself immediately.

When leaving messages, speak slowly, and leave your number twice: once at the beginning of the message and once at the end.

Receiving Calls 

Always answer your phone in a quiet place free of interruptions and noise.  Before you pick up make sure you have time to devote to the caller.  Always identify yourself immediately.

When asking who is calling make sure to ask permission to ask; that is, phrase your question something like this: “May I ask who’s calling?” This will avoid alienating the caller.

Change your voice mail message to a simple professional greeting when your job hunting: “Hello, you’ve reached Shanna Jones, I’m  unable to answer my phone at this time, please leave me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.”

Cell Phones 

Turn your cell phone off during meetings; answering your cell phone in a meeting gives the impression that those around you are less important than any other person who might call.

Try not to answer the phone when you are in restaurants; if you are expecting an important call, let those you are dining with know, and when you receive the call, excuse yourself, leave the table, and make the call brief.

Be aware of how loud you talk on a cell phone in public places and create space by moving at least two arm lengths away from those around you (or out of the room if possible).