At Excelsior Healthcare Academy, the personal attention you receive—from enrollment to your orientation, courses, and examination—helps ensure that you can focus on completing your studies and earning your certification.

Academic Tutoring & Adviser

Excelsior Healthcare Academy offers support for students from the first day of class through graduation. Excelsior Healthcare Academy has School Advisors on staff to help students chart an education plan toward success. Advisors can assist students with setting goals, choosing which program or professional certificate to pursue, creating an education plan, selecting the appropriate classes, connecting with essential support services, planning for transfer to a four year college, and finding extracurricular groups related to a chosen career field.


Your time at Excelsior Healthcare Academy does not end when you finish your curses program, we encourage you to get listed on our Alumni Database, Network with formal students, increase your network base.. Networking is one of the way to reach your goals and finish strong in life.

From tuition reductions to customizable career resources and alerts, Excelsior Healthcare Academy EHA graduates are eligible for a wide range of alumni benefits.

Stay with EHA Alumni and Get Connected.

Consumer Financing

A No Credit Needed Consumer Financing

The number of consumers with bad credit has risen drastically over the past decade. Many Americans can no longer afford major expenditures, unforeseen expenses and emergencies.

6 out of 10 Americans no longer qualify for traditional financing due to poor or lack of credit or simply of no fault of their own. Excelsior Healthcare Academy in partnership with EBA can help you fulfil your potential by simply offering this no credit check alternative.

  • Credit Score Not A Factor
  • 90% Approval Rates
  • Up to 12 Months Payment Options
  • we make it easy for you to focus on study
  • Check Processing and guarantees
  • No credit check payment plan

Excelsior Healthcare Academy is committed to investing in the potential in you.

In partnership with EBA Financial we can provide you with short-term financing plans based on your repayment history as opposed to your credit score.
Flexible underwriting allows us to approve loans not based on a credit score but rather the dynamics within the credit file which drives that score. With our No Credit Needed Consumer Financing program, you are one step ahead to fulfilling your dreams. Contact us for detailed information or ask the school administrator for Consumer Financing. Call Us on 773-297-2417

EHA Library

As a student, you will have access to the EHA Online Resources Library, a fully digital library with relevant articles, blogs and up to date information from the Department of Health and other Healthcare Industry. The library will help you identify, evaluate, and obtain reference materials and additional resources to support your education at Excelsior Healthcare Academy. You will be  current and one step ahead of your competitors. You need to register for an account to access the library.  The library supports your information literacy development through webinars, tutorials, and online guides.

Enrollment Advisor

As your primary contact when you inquire at Excelsior Healthcare Academy, your enrollment advisor will spend time exploring your educational goals, answering your questions, and guiding you through the application and admission process. Your enrollment advisor will respond to questions about the learning process and make sure that you have a smooth transition.

Ongoing Support

Excelsior Healthcare Academy wants to see you succeed in life, we provide counsel and discounted fee for our Alumni students who decides to take on additional course program. Speak to your Enrollment Advisor or the Lead Instructor for detailed information

Student Assistance Program

Excelsior Healthcare Academy’s Student Assistance Program provides confidential support, resources, and information—online or by phone—to help you better address life’s challenges.

Special Needs

In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, and with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), EHA recognizes that qualified students who have been diagnosed or identified as having a learning, physical, or emotional disability are entitled to reasonable accommodations. EHA is committed to making every effort to providing reasonable accommodations. Students with special needs should contact EHA’s director who will assist in providing appropriate accommodations

Wellness Center

Excelsior Healthcare Academy Wellness Center provides mental health and social services to support students’ personal well-being and academic success. Staff offer support for personal challenges such as stress and time management, adjusting to being a college student, family issues, relationship conflict, veterans’ re-entry, anxiety, and depression. Our range of services includes individual counseling, support groups, testing for learning disabilities, and presentations on a host of wellness topics. In addition, the Wellness Centers provide referrals to community-based resources for childcare, emergency shelters, low-cost medical care, legal assistance, and food pantries.

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Technical Support

We’re here to support you 24/7 with your PCs, or technical support
EHA Tech Support is the knowledgeable resource that will support your computer,  issues for the length of your program studies. If you require assistance with any page on our website, error on page and how-tos simply email WEBMASTER with detailed information on the respective problem. This is remote support but we promise to get back to you as soon as possible. We will not entertain any problem that is not within the scope of Excelsior Healthcare Academy.